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A Digital Home for a Digital World

It’s seven o’clock on a cold winter morning and your alarm clock wakes you up. Before your feet touch the bedroom floor, several things have already happened in your home. The central heat has automatically set to a more comfortable temperature. The blinds over your bedroom window open up to let the rising sunlight in, and your favorite music group starts playing over the speakers throughout your house. As you make your way down the hall, the lights turn on to lead the way, and you can smell coffee already brewing for you.

As you sit down to drink your coffee, you grab your control pad, and with the push of a virtual button, the music stops and the morning news comes on the television. You hear your dogs barking out back so you grab your control pad again and bring up the view of your backyard from the surveillance system you have installed. With the press of another virtual button, the lights out back turn on just in time to catch that squirrel running across the top of the fence.

Now it is time to go to work, and as you rush to your car, you use the control panel by the front door. You press the ‘leaving home for day’ button to set in motion the following events. The lights throughout the house turn off. The central air system sets itself to a energy saving setting. Your audio/video distribution system shuts down, and the house alarm turns on. Finally, all the doors automatically lock behind you. You leave for work, with the peace of mind that all is safe and secure, even the coffee maker that you usually forget to turn off is taken care of.

While at work, you get a call from your son, who lets you know he has forgotten his house key and cannot get in the house. No problem though, you don’t have to call a locksmith or leave work early. You simply use your smartphone to turn off your alarm system and unlock the front door. You also use your phone to check on your son, while he is home, through the surveillance system.

This is not science fiction, but rather just some of the benefits of having a digital home, with a system designed and installed by a Custom Integrator like ACT Inspections, Inc.

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